How To Heat and Serve Your Taco Zone Party Pack


Heating the Taco Zone Filling Bag:

(Do not open bag before completing the heating instructions!)

Step 1:

On your stove top, heat 3 to 4 quarts of water in a large pot.

Step 2:

Once water is just barely bubbling (as seen below), place the sealed, taco filling bag into the water.

Poach until hot. (165 degrees)


Step 3:

Using a pair of sharp scissors, cut open the fully heated bag and pour taco filling into a large serving bowl.

Heating up your tortillas:

Before starting, grab a plate or platter and 2 clean dish towels.  As you heat the tortillas, you will place them in between the towels to keep warm.  You should heat up your tortillas right before you are ready to serve.

Step 1:

On the stove top, heat up a large pan.

Step 2:

Once pan is hot, place tortillas in a single layer in the pan. Do not over lap the tortillas edges if possible.

Step 3:

Once tortillas start to steam, flip and cook the other side. Like your tortillas soft? Like them with a little char? You are the cook! You decide!

Step 4:

Place hot tortillas in between 2 clean dishtowels, then repeat the process with another round of fresh tortillas!

Heating Up Your Roasted Garlic Queso

Queso will be delivered in a plastic container that is not microwave safe.
Transfer queso into a microwave safe bowl. Or heat on your stove top, stirring until hot. 

Once your taco fillings are hot, your tortillas are toasted, and your toppings are on the table, you are ready to serve your TACO ZONE PARTY PACK!

As shown below!